CM2-01 DE

Course CM2-01: Foundation of Operational Excellence

This 2 day course gives an high-level introduction into the CM2-based Foundation for Operational Excellence. It is the first course of a series of CM2 courses with several certifications.

How an organization identifies, structures, links and assigns ownership to its requirements and internal processes directly affects its ability to successfully and efficiently perform the intended mission or achieve its business objectives. If this activity is ignored or done incorrectly, an organization pays severe penalties in the form of intervention resource expenditure.

Those expenditures are the unplanned time, money, and resources expended to compensate for quality and schedule problems. When quality and schedule problems dominate the energy an organization expends on a daily basis, corrective action becomes the standard “way of working.” Changing that environment requires an understanding of how current processes relate to best practices and the culture change that is needed to make the transition.

This course presents a structured and effective methodology for documenting, validating, releasing, and changing requirements. In addition to, it provides methods for reducing intervention resource costs. It addresses the process enhancements that an organization must make in order to accommodate change and keep all requirements clear, concise, and valid.

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Event Date 21.02.2022 10:00
Event End Date 24.02.2022 15:00
Individual Price €1.050,00
Location Virtual Training - 4 days 4 hours each
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